The Glowfori Story

An Executive Peer Network

Founded in Switzerland in 2012. Glowfori was created to provide senior business decision makers a private, trusted forum where peers could discuss their common strategic business issues and opportunities. As the pace of technological, political and social change accelerates, decision makers want a forum to gain strategic insights, build new relationships and challenge ideas about business strategy

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Global Perspectives

Members bring insights from across industries and geographies. Glowfori member events occur across Europe and Asia and include senior executives, subject matter experts and entrapeneurs from around the world. We organise events and research around specific topics of importance to our members and invite those who bring deep insights and personal experience

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Priveledged Access

Our member events are designed to encourage substantive interaction between attendees. We create an environment where attendees can relax and build new trusted relationships. We have had the privledge to host events in very special venues offering the finest hospitality

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Discover And Engage With Tomorrows Tech Leaders

We continually explore the start-up communities around the world through either our offices in the world’s leading tech hubs or through our extended global business network. Most significantly, Glowfori views emerging companies through its own “Assurance Framework” built from over 11,400 industry / regulatory controls. We understand both the potential and risks of the start-ups we meet. We work with our members to introduce the most promising and qualified start-ups according their business objectives

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