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We believe the successful business model is based on an eco-system of value adding partnerships. Glowfori was founded with the mission to support companies with discovering the best partners, engaging them quickly and maintain control over a dynamic network of supplier relationships. We believe companies should source only the features and services they need, when they need them. We recognise outdated sourcing and supplier management practices have constrained large organisations from achieving the agility and innovation they need to retain or enhance their competitive advantage.

Global Business Network

The Glowfori, Global Business Network is a community of the most innovative young companies around the world connecting with business customers through our unique interactive programs. We bring large corporate and government buyers and investors together with targeted smaller companies who offer disruptive solutions that deliver competitive advantage. Our network is truly unique in its global reach and deep insights.

Simplon Pass

Your Own Corporate App Store

Transformation Delivery

What we're delivering now

B2B App Store

Our SimplonPass platform is the only App Store that allows large organisations to tap into a world of innovative solution partners based on their own 3rd party risk appetite and profiling criteria. SimplonPass is a dynamic and self perpetuating catalogue of providers from whom you can click and profile according to your own requirements building your own network of qualified partners in real-time. Discover, transact and manage all within one platform

Infrastructure Transformation

Legacy Datacentres and aging technology infrastructure are a recognised barrier to adoption of agile new technologies. More significant are the out-dated infrastructure operating models that restrict rather than enable business progress. Our infrastructure Strategy Practice can help you define and execute a cloud adoption path that meets your business objectives

Brexit Readiness

We are working with clients across Europe to prepare for whatever eventualities occur in 2019 and beyond. Our unique blend of regulatory knowledge, business transformation delivery and cross jurisdictional operating experience has postitioned us as the preferred transformation partners for clients preparing for an uncertain future.


Core to our mission, we support clients with designing and implementing operating models based on dynamic partnerships. Leveraging the most current features and services to realise competitive advantage. We believe this is the key to business success. We are helping clients manage a stable exit of legacy obligations and outdated processes resulting real cost savings and business agility

The "In Control" Supply Chain

Our focus on agile sourcing with control has uniquely positioned us as the only independent advisory firm that brings the proven tools, processes to help large clients adapt to more stringent regulatory controls

The "Competitive Advantage" Supply Chain

Concerned about 3rd party risks, value leakage or lost opportunities? As truly independent strategic supply chain advisors with our fingers on the pulse of the global B2B supplier market we are the perfect partner to both recommend and help execute the right supply chain strategy. We are proud to have supported some of the world's most repsected companies with their transition to a higher value and lower risk partner eco-system

The Value Based Operating Model

Let us share this observation. Our most successful clients embrace value for money over a process focused culture. Providing line management with transparency over their cost per unit of output stimulates positive corporate behavior that can deliver dramatic results. You may want to discuss this one with us.


Nice People

Our Consulting Team

Committed Delivery

We are immensely proud of our consulting team. They bring proven experience, deep insights and commitment to client success

Richard Sealy

Founder | CEO

Richard realised his professional ambition with the creation of a company focused exclusively on delivering business agility through empowering clients to discover, engage and adapt to a dynamic supplier operating model

Ashley Davis

Infrastructure Transformation Strategy

Ashley is a recognised industry leader in Datacentre strategy and implementation. His executive career in Financial Services technology and global infrastructure experience affords Ashley an in-depth knowledge of the risks, regulations and value opportunities of an executable infrastructure transformation strategy

Jonathan Lester

Head of COO Practice

A deeply experienced and results focused career COO, Jonathan brings to his clients his energy and the knowledge he has accumulated over 20 years in global executive roles

Christoph Burgdorfer

Head Of Platform Development

Christoph brings his passion and proven track record for building worldclass platforms to SimplonPass. He is a multiple award wininning developer and recognised block chain specialist.

Alan West

Engagement Leadership

Alan is a seasoned sourcing practitioner with over 25 years expereince in global strategic sourcing. Clients value Alan's engaging program leadership style and commitment to delivering results

David Young

Engagement Leadership

David is a highly sought after strategic sourcing professional with over 20 years global experience. Clients continually engage David to lead them through transformational sourcing transactions valuing his diligence, professionalism and applied knowledge

James Prout

Engagement Leadership

James is a recognised specialist in delivering highly complex technology transformation programs. He is an Oxford D.Phil with an exeptional global career history in Financial Services technology

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